kismekiki17 (kismekiki17) wrote in inside_myhead,

Who I am… Take me or leave me

Who I am… Take me or leave me


I am me…

I cry when I’m tiered

My eyes will not seal

My patience expired

I bottle up what I feel

Though sometimes I explode

Then spill my guts to anyone

I make friend with psychotic people

So I’ll be safe if they bring a gun

There are times I can go

Ecstatic too depressed

Confident and energetic

To anxious and stressed

I’m one of those people

That has to bad things to learn

Someone can do something embarrassing

I laugh and yell BURN!

I’m hypocritical

Since I hate hypocrites

I only watch the super bowl

To eat junk food and chips

I once was confident

With my crazy fun hair

That was before I woke up

With my pillow covered in chunks of hair

When I finally feel happy

Comes along some low life critics

Say I’m ugly and manly

Since my head has no hair on it

There’s good and in me

My flaws are originality

But we all suffer pain

That’s the harsh reality   
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