stitched_up_mew (stitched_up_mew) wrote in inside_myhead,

Oh, the Night

Oh, the night

The night when sound

Ceased to matter

When the angels cried

And devils screamed

I am haunted by ghosts

Ripping at my skin

And tugging at my clothes

Oh, sweet nectar

Lull me to sleep

Let me dream

Not of ghouls

But of shining princes

And corn-silk braided hair

With glass slippers and

Carriages, drawn by 12 coal black mares

Be still,

My fluttering heart

Banging broken fists against

Marrow and deceit

A cage filled with roses and bloody tulips

Be silent, be still

Quit your useless cries

Allow grey matter to decide

My fate

My own blood

On my own hands

Drips, drips, drips

Silently down

Into shoes filled with rice

And checkered floors,

White and black and pristine

Oh god,

Their bloody now

Drowning in a sea of sticky,


Pain, pain, pain

Hush my sobbing skin

Speak my silent throat

Let this night never end

For if it does

You’ll only go back to

The false bravado

And calla lilies with green petals

And silent movies

With obvious innuendos

That thought disgusts you

Doesn’t it?

It makes me feel sick

That thought

It truly does

Oh, quiet now


Listen to my breath in the eaves

We are lost

Babes in the woods

Helpless and frightened

We run like children

Away, away, away

Ah, silence once more

Thank you clarity

Thank you moon

Good night

Good bye

Good luck

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